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Catch me up with what’s been going on with since Marrying The Game ended.
The 14-year-old dancer and actress revealed in a new video interview that her crush on Zac Efron started when she was only five years old.

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A lot of rumors fly regarding the celebrities’ sexual inclination, i.e., whether they are straight or they belong to LGBT community.

Chris Crocker, who stands out as an internet celebrity also can’t escape from this question about his sexuality.

He said when he was around 13-years-old, he started to find both boys and girls attractive.

The full post reads: "To start off, I would like to say that I love each and every one of my fans.

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It depicts the two sitting on a leopard print couch while engaging in some flirty banter about Crocker being “the only woman” in Carter’s life and ends with the two going in for a kiss: Shortly after the video was uploaded, it was deleted.

Chris Crocker has a unique personality who is proud to be himself and doesn't believe in hiding his identity.

When interviewed on his views on gender, he replied, Gender is how you see yourself on the inside, in your mind’s eye. Even being sure that I’m female on the inside, there are still so many umbrellas for you to fall under in the gender spectrum. When I started dressing like a guy aesthetically, I wanted to live that way for a little while to see if I felt comfortable.

As action speaks more than words, their act of kissing provides evidence that Chris most probably shares a gay sexuality.

Caption: Chris Crocker Being gay with Aaron Carter over Instagram.