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Not that it wasn’t gaudy or derivative of Star Wars – indeed, that's why we loved it.It’s been a little over 20 years since Battlestar Galactica debuted on ABC, and there is now talk that the Sci-Fi Channel is going to be resurrecting the series. It seems unbelievable that they would be given the reins to make something as serious and epic as another BSG. Women This is probably the most egregious of all of the rumors for Sci-Fi’s BSG reboot is that the character made famous by Dirk Benedict — Lt. Frankly, that change flies in the face of the everything BSG. There’s also a rumor that Boomer (Herbert Jefferson, Jr.) will now be played by a female as well. Next thing you know, they’ll be trying to bring Richard Hatch back for some bit-part as stunt casting, just to disrespect the franchise further. Visual Effects I don’t really have anything more to say than just look at the effects below.Richard Hatch who was best known for playing Captain Apollo on TV series Battlestar Galactica has died. He passed away after battling pancreatic cancer, his family told TMZ Tuesday. Hatch started his career in the daytime soap All My Children in 1970 and in 1978 landed the role in the original Battlestar Galactica that ran for one season and earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

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Biel said: ''Girls like seeing stuff getting blown up too, I know I do.

Carnahan said: ''I thought it was a nice nod to the history and I thought it was nice for everybody.'' But Mr T, who played B A Baracus, refused to be involved.

Carnahan said: ''T and I have spoken and I've showed him a lot of the movie and he was quoted completely out of context in a way I know was not right because T is not the kind of guy to go bad on anybody.

Even Ian Mc Kellen, 18 years younger, didn't come out until 1988, when he was 49. Although fully entitled to privacy, his blanket denials on television, radio and in print post-1967 legalisation became, for me, increasingly hard to stomach.

Posthumously, the man behind the painstakingly maintained mask was uncovered in home movies and commentaries from family and friends in a BBC documentary The Private Dirk Bogarde (2001) and John Coldstream's biography.