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Witty one liner for dating site

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One out of every two guys won’t say a word, practically throwing away countless dates and hookups.

This is great because it means there’s plenty of opportunity for you to beat the rest of the pack…

Or you can give the Quote Videos page a try, there you can find a collection of videoclips containing funny one-liners, famous quotes, english proverbs, silly bumper stickers, the best T-shirt one-liners and much more.

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When it comes to writing good profiles, one should remember that a profile should be short, simple and humorous.

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Some, put up things about themselves, while others come up with funny one liners.Since you have limited space and number of words, you should think twice before writing.You should strictly avoid writing the same thing many times as this create a bad impression about yourself.The craze of online dating is increasing with every passing day.Millions of youngsters across the world have registered themselves on several dating sites to find a good life companion.We are looking for all sorts of one-liners, quotes, sayings, proverbs, jokes and even puns, T-shirt one-liners and bumper stickers. To compile the TOP 100 funny one-liners we need your help. The vote-box contains a few numbers, a thumbs-up button and a thumbs-down button.